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Oklahoma's "Share the Road" program has been rejuvenated and doing well!

"Look Twice for Bikes"


A Killer of a Problem

In 2014, 49% of all Oklahoma motorcyclists killed, or seriously injured, were involved in 2-vehicle accidents in which the "other" vehicle violated the motorcycle's right of way.

Call to Action Saves Lives

ABATE of Oklahoma, a motorcycle safety organization, realized that action must be taken to
correct the root of the problem - inattentive drivers of the "other" vehicles. ABATE of Oklahoma developed a program in cooperation/sponsorship with Oklahoma Highway Safety (OHSO).
It has been presented to public utility, oil service, trucking and petroleum companies: high schools; service organizations and companies throughout Oklahoma.
Referrals are available upon request.

Under the guidance and leadership of Jim "Radar" Koelle, Share the Road currently has 11 certified instructors across this great state. Our intended audiences are: schools (Driver's Ed classes and bus drivers), trucking and fleet vehicle companies, churches and social organizations. Our instructors traverse the whole state of Oklahoma to provide presentations to any/all audiences that we are invited into; no distance is too far.

For information on the courses available, or to set up an audio-visual presentation,
contact either of the following by phone or email:

Jim "Radar" Koelle (pronounced Kelly)

Asst. Coordinator
Art Ryan

Kim Mobley