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   Welcome to the ABATE of Oklahoma website!  

The Mission statement of ABATE of Oklahoma is to promote and defend motorcyclist' freedom,
safety and awareness through education and legislation to make Oklahoma the best place to ride!

Our 2017 Legislative Day at the State Capitol is scheduled for Tuesday, April 11th @ 8:30am.

The plan:

1) To be seen!
2) To thank our legislators for the help they've given us in the past.

If you haven’t previously met your legislators, this would be an excellent opportunity.
f you aren't sure of who your legislators are, you can look them up by going here and inputting your physical address.
We will also have a computer on-hand to provide names.)

We will go to lunch no later than 11:15 at a near-by Pizza Hut, hopefully together, and then go to the Edmond Police Department where the Motorcycle Safety Committee will be meeting, starting at 1PM. It’s usually over by 3:00PM, but if you need/want to leave earlier, that’s fine. The purpose is two-fold. It gives you all an idea of what happens at the meetings and…it shows the Committee that ABATE of Oklahoma is much more than Radar, Lotus, Q, and John Pierce who are there quite often. It may also serve to remind the Committee where the 1.4 million dollars that Gunner’s Law has poured into the OHSO fund came from (us).

park in south parking, be sure to leave room for two bikes per parking spot
8:30 - meet briefly on the third floor balcony

9:00 - be seated in the balcony of the House Chamber.
where we will be introduced by Rep Chuck Hoskin
of Vinita and recognized by the House.
(There is a chance that our tag bill will be heard at that time.)

Next -  we will break out for everyone to visit their legislators.

No later than 11:15, we will depart for lunch at a local Pizza hut,
then head up to the Edmond PD for the committee meeting (must be in place by 1:00 pm).

If you want or need to leave the committee meeting, that is fine, It will give you a chance to see what we do,
and it will let the committee know that there are more then just the usual three or four ABATE members who regularly attend.

State Capitol building -

Before you enter the building, remember that there are security checks so please leave weapons etc. on your bike. If we’re lined up and waiting to be cleared, please allow individuals and small groups to go in front of us. If there’s anything on your vest or jacket that might be shocking to conservative legislators, please remove or cover it with electrician’s tape.

State Board Meeting

Our next State Board Meeting is scheduled for 12 noon on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Forman Harley-Davidson, Stillwater.

Don't forget that we will also be serving our "Biker Breakfast" beginning at 9:30am till noon.

Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF)

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF), incorporated in 1987, is a membership-based national motorcyclist' rights organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. The MRF monitors and when necessary, sways federal legislation and regulatory action that pertains to street riders. The MRF concerns itself with what is going on in area of motorcycling safety education, training, licensing and public awareness. The MRF provides members and state motorcyclist' rights organizations with direction and information to protect motorcyclists' rights and motorcycling. The MRF sponsors annual regional and national educational seminars for motorcyclists' rights activists and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter - The MRF Reports.

Mission Statement:

"To promote awareness and education in the motorcycle community to improve rider safety.
To Educate non-riders globally in he interest of all riders' safety.

Let's attempt to get more members of ABATE of OK to join the MRF and get our voices heard, not just here at home, but in Washington D.C. as well!

Click here to join the MRF

Don't forget to check out the calendar link below for events that have been posted for the upcoming months.
If your event isn't posted, be sure to notify Kim Mobley with details to get it added!